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About Erin Sommerville - Cancer coach

erin sommervilleHello! I'm Erin Sommerville, a certified, professional Cancer Coach, and Iım passionate about empowering cancer patients to create exceptionally healthy, joyous and fulfilling lives!

This website is the fulfillment of a vision to provide cancer patients everywhere with the very best techniques, resources and quality support enabling them to participate fully and with confidence in their healing

You possess the healing power and answers within you. Together we bring them out as the central force toward restoring your vitality and well-being. Your body knows how to heal!

The rich and diverse background of knowledge I have to offer you is grounded in:

  • 25 years of study and work in Mind/Body medicine.
  • 12 years Director of International Training, Simonton Cancer Center.
  • My own diagnosis of cancer.

I have been trained by and worked with the foremost practitioners in alternative and complimentary medicine. I have dedicated many years to honing my skills and practice in order to provide you with the highest standard of coaching.

My most profound learning, however, came from my own diagnosis of cancer, so I know from personal experience what you are going through.

My diagnosis required a rigorous exploration of the techniques I have learned and I believe the experience has deepened my compassion and heightened my abilities as a coach.

You deserve to get well and fulfill your dreams.

It may seemed farfetched at this moment, but I believe that a diagnosis of cancer is a message of love intended to move us in the direction of fulfilling our inner most desires and dreams.

Are you ready to make the commitment to restoring your health and living a cancer-free life? If so, I will to provide you with the most effective research-based strategies for getting well and staying well in a personal, supportive and confidential relationship.

Asking for help takes courage and sometimes requires a leap of faith. I encourage you to make this important decision. I think you will be amazed at how exciting, uplifting and joyous the process of healing can be!

Together we will design a unique, and effective plan for getting well embracing what brings you the greatest joy and deep fulfillment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I know how important it is to feel confident that the members of your healthcare team are the most qualified and experienced in their field of expertise. If you are wanting to know more about my background and training ­ click here.


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cancer coach
"Erin, where do I start? You turned a life threatening, situation from what was, at first, incredibly overwhelming and frightening into a wonderful and enlightening experience. I thank you for your focused and loving attention during our many long talks over the phone as you closely worked with me to turn my fear, doubt and regret into a steady calmness. Looking back on things, I'm really dumbfounded by the change. And, I don't know what I find more amazing, my arrival to my full recovery or the smooth and pleasant ride that I had along the way.

Your listening and insights were invaluable, not just invaluable, but necessary for me. Without them, my ride would have been much longer and a lot bumpier. I'm sure I would have gone off the road a few times too. Thanks to you I came out of this experience with a regained health and, just as importantly, a vastly improved mindset. I guess the best way to express this is with an analogy:

Just before I met you, I had fallen off a cliff and I thought I was falling to my death. You stepped in, told me I could fly and then showed me how. And now, you're even showing me how to fly even higher. That's really the only way I can fittingly express what you did for me. By the way, it turns out that this flying thing is more than just a way to avoid hitting the ground, it's $#!* fun and the view is incredible.

Thanks Erin!

Tony Haske,
Santa Monica, CA