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Benefits - Cancer coach

Having a diagnosis of cancer is an extraordinary opportunity to make new life choices and commit to living passionately and authentically!

The benefits of effective coaching are numerous and long-lasting. Cancer coaching requires a close and honest look at your life. Having a diagnosis of cancer is an extraordinary opportunity to re-evaluate your life, how you spend your time and the direction you are going.

What do you love, appreciate and value? And on the other hand what do you consider worthless and a waste of time? These are important life questions that are often dismissed and never addressed in a focused, compassionate and constructive manner.

Together we will create a plan to skillfully address all of these issues. This new knowledge will give you the confidence and ability to deal effectively with all of life's challenges now and in the future.

Here are some of benefits you can expect along the way:

  • Improve the quality of your life today
  • Increase your body's natural ability to heal
  • Clarify what brings you joy and deep-fulfillment
  • Design a life that expresses your authentic self
  • Learn to listen to and follow your inner wisdom
  • Develop new ways to relax and let go of stress
  • Make wise decisions regarding your healthcare, career etc.
  • Reduce the side-effects of treatment and improve the outcome
  • Transform fear and anxiety into peace and calm
  • Effectively resolve emotional pain
  • Explore Spiritual issues
  • Improve communication in all your relationships
  • Harness the power of your imagination to create a healthy, joyful, passionate life
  • Make new life choices and commit to living the life you've dreamed of

Let's get started with your own unique *joy-based plan for renewing your health and well being today!


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Erin came just in time at the lowest point of my life: Stage IV cancer. She supported me when no one could. Her most important contribution has been to help me learn my life's meaning and guide me to reach new and different goals. It has now been six years. Her experience, patience, grace and love have been invaluable in helping me live a joyful life which might otherwise have been lost.

With deepest appreciation,

Phoebe Chien, M.D
Long Beach, CA.