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Guided Imagery

Imagery is the oldest form of healing known to humankind. It dates back over 40,000 years to the time of the cave dwellers. You and I have grown-up in an era of extraordinary discoveries in science, medical research and technology. We now have the ability to see inside living brains and examine brain functions at the sub-cellular level. New research has revealed communication networks linking our emotions to our well-being. Through the exciting new field of psychoneuroimmunology, we are actually able to observe and measure the healthy benefits of healing words, images music and laughter.

Your imagination is a vast and unlimited landscape where your thoughts can potentially become vehicles for healing as they stir your emotions and lift your spirits. My guided imagery sessions are designed to help you tap into this immeasurable healing resource - a process which encourages faith in dreams and the power of love - no matter what your age or life circumstance?

Whatever you can do, or believe you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

             - Goethe