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Laughter and Play boosts your immune system and increases your energy for getting well.

The healthy benefits of Laughter and Play are no longer a myth. Mirthful Laughter and Play produce measurable neuroendocrine changes that can alter the function of immune system components. Learn how current medical research is scientifically verifying that Laughter and Play have significant potential health benefits. (For research information click here)

The reality is however, that when you are seriously ill it is often difficult to identify those things that bring you joy.

Over the years I have worked with clients to comply a list of those things that bring them joy and deep fulfillment. These lists are like gold , especially when you are recovering from medical treatments or just having a down day.

I encourage you to start today to begin your own list - it is a fun and energizing experience.

Creating a Laughter and Play Box -

This is a box filled with things to up your fun quotient. For example movies, books or games etc., that you know can bring a smile to your face or inspirer your heart.

I am constantly being asked by clients to help them begin this process by providing them with a list of funny and inspiring books, films, etc. Therefore, I have complied a list of numerous resources for tickling you funny bone and jump-starting your immune system! I hope you will find this list helpful and if you have any favorites you would like to add to the list please e-mail me.

The following also make great gifts to send to someone who needs the healing experience a good belly-laugh or an inspirational story.