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Cancer Coaching, What is it?

Cancer Coaching provides you with the personal, confidential, one-to-one attention you need when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. I am here to guide you gently through the fear and confusion to a place of peace, calm and confidence. Making the decision to take action and fully participate in your healing is empowering and energizing.

Cancer Coaching is an exciting and dynamic partnership! Our focus is on improving the quality of your life today. Aligning with those things that bring you joy and deep fulfillment ignites your body's healing systems.

What do you love, appreciate and value? These are the keys to a cancer-free life.

How would your life look and feel if you were cancer-free today? What would you want to do more of and what would you want to do less of? What are you passionate about? We will address these important life issues in an up-beat, encouraging and compassionate environment - designing a unique health plan that you are confident and excited about!

Cancer Coaching supports you in taking an active role in your healthcare. You know what is best for your body. I provide the essential support and guidance as you learn to listen to and follow your own inner wisdom.

Making the decision to take action and fully participate in your healing is empowering and energizing.

Just as top performing athletes have coaches to ensure their highest level of achievement. Cancer Coaching provides important insights, clear direction, on-going motivation and expert guidance towards your successful outcome.

Cancer Coaching helps you discover your own unique path to healing so that you can live the life you've dreamt of!


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Erin Sommerville. How do I love her? Let me count the ways.

I first met Erin at a Simonton Cancer Center session. It was prior to my surgery for lung cancer. I previously had had cancer in both breasts. She prepared me for the surgery. Oh, yes. My room looked like I was having a party. It was decorated with flowers, plants, a cookie tree, and pictures of our dogs. My son remarked that as he walked through the halls of the hospital, all the rooms looked gloomy, as did the patients. When he came to my room, it was bright and cheery. It helped my family cope and it certainly made me feel better.

Erin is so insightful. I now have had hundreds of phone calls with her and each time she shows me how to make my life better. All the old bad habits and thoughts are gone. If I start to stray, she knows exactly how to get me back on track. I have such power over my body now. Cancer is a thing of the past, but surprisingly it has brought me a lot of joy and peace in my life ...and Erin to help me keep it that way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of why I love her and what she has done to change my life.

Carolyn Fox
Sherman Oaks, CA